Friday, October 21, 2011

five-sense Friday

This week, I've been...

seeing: a deer in the headlights last night on our way home, just beside our building: a doe, grazing in a neighbor's garden, who danced the most graceful dance when our car surprised her in the dark, back and forth, her elegant legs taking her first one way and then the other; what I felt, watching her, was amazement at how exquisite her movements were, and profound identification with that uncertainty--which way? which way?

hearing: my own goofy internet radio stations, all mixed up

smelling: cinnamon

tasting: R's delicious spaghetti squash with butter, garlic, and parmesan last night; white cheddar cheese with cranberries in it; green tea with mint

feeling: that swing of temperatures, from daytime chill to nighttime freeze; sleepy; a bit under the weather; proud of all the applications I've sent off; anxious my writing motivation will never return. Happens every time.

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