Friday, February 17, 2012

five-sense Friday

Sorry for the absence last week. I was far away, and I never travel with the internet. 

This week, I've been...

smelling: the sharpness of a whole head of garlic and four onions sauteeing in two separate pans for curries; the after-haze of a smoky union between a well-seasoned steak from a local rancher and a frightfully hot cast-iron pan at the bottom of the oven

tasting: curry (strangely bitter?); steak (outstandingly delicious); candy and cookies from Valentine's Day

hearing: children's laughing voices last night; computer keys as I spin articles and talks; silence as I wait for my phone to ring

feeling: soft socks on my feet; sharp air beyond my windows; a wee bit antsy to know the future; full of a lot of good food

seeing: bright blue skies, then grey skies, and back again; long-lost friends; cinnamon just-so on the top of my cafe au lait; thick white frost on the roofs of the buildings across the way; signs for all manner of political candidates in my neighbors' front lawns

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