Friday, March 2, 2012

five-sense Friday

It's been a big week. I did some crazy things, like defend my dissertation and see a brand new baby and ride a train from Chicago to Michigan. Amid all that, I've been...

seeing: smiles on friends' faces, and encouraging subtle nods, and a dozen roses and all this beauty; deer grazing beside abandoned industrial plants in southern Michigan near the tracks

hearing: "Congratulations, Dr..." over and over in my head; today, the weight of my parents' cat's body as she jumps from floor to chair to floor, and her demanding meows as I ate lunch

smelling: those roses, and my chill out tea, and (anticipating) pizza, and the strange late-winter warm breezes

tasting: chocolate

feeling: relief, and anticipation, and gratitude, and the solid warmth of a mug between my hands

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