Friday, March 23, 2012

five-sense Friday

Last week passed in a blur of illness; this week has been more full with activity, with projects, with long walks. Josh has been away, and I've been reading and stitching and writing up a storm. As for today, I'm...

seeing: a cloudier morning, after several days of crazy sunshine, but now the blue sky with the fluffy clouds; a nearly-finished surprise project for dear friends; my to-do list with lots of cleaning tasks I just...don'

hearing: NPR, and news about the Trayvon Martin case--feeling very, very sad

smelling: chocolate stout cake in the oven

tasting: fried eggs on toast; granola; green tea with orange rind; chocolate

feeling: weather all over the map--breezes and freezes and sunshine; heat from the oven; bewilderment over politics


  1. The Trayvon thing breaks my heart.

  2. Oh, Sarah, thanks for leaving a comment about this. I've been feeling really sad today about how few of my friends from Cedarville were sharing their grief over this situation--I wasn't sure what to make of it, as a left v. right issue or what. But your comment here hit my heart like a bit of grace. Thanks for sharing this sorrow.