Friday, June 8, 2012

five-sense Friday, Canadian edition

Have I mentioned that everything feels new these days? Something about living in a new place flings my sense-windows wide open. I notice all the delightful details of unfamiliar things, the items and phenomena that populate other people's normals.

Lately, thus, I've been...

seeing: bright yellow labels on the "no name" off-brand in all the grocery stores, plainly wonderful to my over-stimulated eyes; bottled salad dressings with ingredients like avocado and mango; ketchup potato chips, dill pickle potato chips, "loads of all dressed" potato chips; Tim Horton's on every corner

smelling: lilacs abloom (yes, in June, not Midwestern May); green trees; a graduation-gift candle from my sister-in-law

hearing: birds and new traffic patterns; the landlords' footfalls upstairs, and their running water; CBC2 streaming online

feeling: warm aboveground, but chilled in our little cave-apartment--I'm sure this will be a real delight in July, but for now, until our rugs and bed and couch arrive, it's plainly cold; the weight of grocery bags in my hands, filling my pantry and fridge with good things; relief as many of our to-do list tasks relating to immigration are smoothly accomplished; hope (and a bit of nervousness) that our moving truck and car title will arrive in good time to bring an end to the customs obligations; thankful for the bright sunshine in the kitchen and bathroom each morning, and the sunsets at 10:00 p.m. out the other windows each night

tasting: cup after cup of hot black tea with milk (not in a bag); after-dinner store-brand tea of ginger, mint, and fennel; chili and apples, Wheatabix, chocolate, strong coffee

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