Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where We Live Now

For ten months I lived nestled among the mountains. This, for instance, was my path to the public library:

I walked it regularly. I knew its bushes and trees, its golden and willows, its aspens, its birdcalls, its running water laughter. As you may recall, when we first moved I was wretchedly homesick. Now that I have left it, that valley is one of the places I miss. 

There was an event a few weeks ago, in which I dressed up like a silly person and walked across a stage. This is the reason we have moved--to take the job that follows.

I didn't even see the message scratched into the stone until I downloaded these photos today.

Our move included driving through a down-the-highway cattle drive led by a family on horses. That was pretty cool.

I'm still not that hard to amaze. The cows seemed to think we were as strange and in the way as we thought they were. I felt like a conspicuous new face in town, the way they all stared as they passed--let's just say it was good preparation, though, because that's a feeling I've felt more than once in the last week...

But my title promises photos of the now, and so here it is: our little place. It's the garden-level suite of a house in a primarily residential neighbo(u)rhood: nice big widows, but high on the walls, and chilly cement under the laminate. Once our goods arrive (in two more weeks!), I'll be glad for the rugs and slippers.

This is a corner of the kitchen, complete with important things: new sage plant, coffee maker, typewritten quote from Liz...

And here's Josh in the opposite corner of the kitchen, making good use of the folding table and chairs we found yesterday at a store that smelled like K-Mart.

Living room ... 

Opposite corner of the living room...the doorway is into the hall, then the bathroom. The kitchen entryway is just to the left of this shot.


Bathroom. The window has frosted glass, for which I am very thankful, since it's right next to the back door.


Our door is at the bottom of the stairs, and this is our mailbox (hint, hint). I found my first letter in it last night.

Guest bedroom, which will mostly serve as storage / office space but will also house YOU when you come to visit.


Our very charming bedroom, which is in the corner and thus has two windows, one of which is mostly full of a leafy green plant that is promising to bloom into big pink flowers. It's light here so early (and so late), I feel I'm soaking up sunshine even in the cool indoors. And yes, that is Hunger Games. I know I'm behind the times, people, but I've been a little busy.

Let's keep our fingers crossed the furniture fits down the stairs...


  1. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of the your new now. Plants have a way of making a house into a home. Instant homeyness: just add plants (then water).

    I've been thinking of starting Hunger Games next myself. Or maybe The Help. I am woefully behind the times too!

  2. Yay for The Hunger Games! Delightfully distracting and time-consuming.

    Lovely new apartment! I can't wait to see it full of all your things (I'm sure you can't either!) Isn't it wonderful having so much light in summer to brighten things up?

    Oh and slippers... you could indulge in these if you like... They are basement-living tested and approved. :)

  3. May it soon feel completely like home! I know you'll make it lovely, & I do hope to visit you there eventually.

    Thanks SO much for your thoughtful e-mail. I'm looking forward to finding some quiet moments to answer as it deserves. Love to you meanwhile!

  4. Thanks for the comments, friends--they feel like bits of familiar in this new place.

    Sarah, yes on the plants! I'm loving having a bit of green again--we abstained in Montana since we knew we couldn't take them over the border. I'm hoping someday to have all sorts of herbs growing.

    Laura, did you read all three books in the series? I just finished the first one and am going to make myself read some theology before checking the next one out of the library. Oh, and thanks for the slipper advice. I also have some good ones waiting for me in the boxes to come...

    Ruth, come and see us! I look forward to your email, but don't feel rushed.

  5. Aunt Kim and Uncle SteveSaturday, 07 July, 2012

    Your apartment looks cozy and comforting! It seems a fitting place to write the next chapter in your lives. We love you guys ~