Friday, August 17, 2012

five-sense Friday

Today, I'm ...

smelling: aged paper and bindings in the library; that peculiar early-autumn scent of freshly cut grass in cool mid-morning air

tasting: over-brewed tea; leftover plum cake with vanilla yogurt for breakfast; English muffin bread sandwich with cheddar and mustard

hearing: Indie mixes on 8tracks now that I'm in a country without Pandora

feeling: the shoulder and neck ache of taking notes on hundreds of pages of literary history; a tad chilled; hungry

seeing: book stacks; blue sky; my own handwriting, tiny and tidy, on pages and pages of undergraduate course notes; a stretch of weekend ahead...


  1. Canada doesn't have Pandora radio? How sad!!!!!'

    1. I know, right! Not that or Hulu, which is how we used to watch tv. ;o)