Friday, August 24, 2012

five-sense Friday

This week, I've been...

seeing: clouds, blue, sun; a syllabus taking its final shape; watercolor paint on looseleaf; my spider plant's baby spider plants growing and growing and then taking up residence in cups of water (let's hope they grow roots!)

tasting: delicious cappuccino; melty-rich-wonderful flourless chocolate cake (and other wonderful foods) at a potluck dinner party, which is perhaps the best kind; peaches and peaches and peaches

smelling: peach crisp in the oven, a wonder of sweet fruit flesh and cinnamon and nutmeg; rain-drenched soil; books and their paper and ink and thread and glue

feeling: the thin delicacy of a flour tortilla lifted from my counter to a hot skillet, and its heat as I flip it over; before that, the good pressure of dough giving way to my kneading, smoothing into something whole

hearing: typing, and the voices of new friends, and quiet music from my computer to woo me into course prep productivity


  1. Hey! Everytime I read these posts you make me hungry! Peach crisp sounds amazing right now.

    1. Cassie! I didn't know you read this! (I'm honored.) It's been ages ... how are you?

  2. Haha, I don't everytime. I usually do though. I love blogging. Even though I hardly keep up on mine. I'm doing great, enjoying the married life!