Friday, October 19, 2012

five-sense Friday

My office is chilly. That's the first thing that comes to mind. Otherwise, I've been...

seeing: briefer and briefer periods of daytime light; a sliver of fluorescent orange around the edges of the neighbors' curtain when I wake up in the morning, the only light in the darkness (the fact that I can see this through my closed blinds makes me wonder what the neighbors see of me...); this morning, an Easter-colored sky, all roses and mauves and lavenders fading upward and announcing the sun, saturated as watercolors soaking a page

hearing: leaves underfoot, and blowing against the windows, tricking me into thinking it's raining; CDs on rotation that remind me of grad school in Chicago

smelling: coffee in the hall and in the air outside shops; mostly that

tasting: oatmeal on repeat, with cinnamon, honey, and cream; cinnamon apple tea; caramel apple candies hidden in my desk drawer; tart grapes and autumn-wonderful apples

feeling: the wind chapping my nose and cheeks; scratchy-warm scarf against my neck; optimistic about all the good things ahead

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