Friday, January 18, 2013

five-sense Friday

Gracious me, is life ever full these days. I feel like all I've been seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, and feeling boils down to paper and print: books and student essays and my own gradebook and slides and notes.

But life is rich in other ways as well. Apart from the pages and words, I've been

hearing: cellos on the radio, and my own piano practicing, and the squeaky sound of wet boots in the hall outside my office

smelling: the lotion my sweet mom gave me for Christmas, lingering in rooms I've left and returned to; coffee when Josh makes it some mornings; that sweet donut-coffee scent that wafts around the Tim Horton's in the basement of the Arts building when I walk past on my way to class

seeing: light lasting slightly longer in the evenings--dusk instead of dark on the ride home; candlelight every night; satisfyingly finished stacks of things

feeling: cold centered in my lower back in the car ride in; snow creeping up over the black flats I shouldn't have worn today; that deep-breath kind of relief that comes with a weekend when it isn't too full

tasting: apples and oranges; Asian takeout with large shards of garlic; cocoa mixed with coffee; later: pizza (always pizza)


  1. Candlelight every night? I love that! So glad you're giving yourself that gift!

    I WISH I could say "always pizza" too. Unfortunately it sticks to me too fondly to allow me to eat it often.

    1. Ruth, the candlelight feels so necessary in these long evenings.

      Pizza is only always because I make it each Friday night and write these on Fridays! Thin whole-wheat crust, lots of tomato chunks, light on the's practically health food! (wink)