Friday, February 1, 2013

five-sense Friday, delinquent style

Last week was a long and full one, and by Friday I was thoroughly ill and had to cancel everything. Please accept my apologies for an extended absence here. But recently I've been...

hearing: snow underfoot that's so cold it's gone beyond crunching or squeaking to just sort of giving way to my boots; furnaces going and going and going; the strange resistance of a car's various systems at thirty below, from its hinges to its fans to its engine

smelling: cold; coconut cake in the oven last night

seeing: a city wreathed in steam, all the exhaust from dryers and furnaces and cars much more defined, much more white and opaque against the sky

tasting: grapefruit and sharp cheddar cheese in constant rotation

feeling: my nostrils freeze and throat tickle as soon as I take an outdoor breath; addicted to the wool socks I received for Christmas--I basically wear nothing else these days; amazed that it is February

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