Friday, February 8, 2013

five-sense Friday

I have all these thoughtful, essayish posts half drafted, but here we are again at Friday, so I'll return to the weekly discipline. Today, I'm

hearing: a blender in the morning, prepping my Magic Juice smoothie; quiet creeping over the college halls as the afternoon wears on

smelling: not very much--think I have a cold?--but at one moment, a curly-haired woman trailed perfume down the corridor behind her, like a ghost

seeing: my own purple handwriting on page after page of student essays; Matthew Arnold's "Dover Beach" and Culture and Anarchy

tasting: grapefruit, crackers, cheese, peanut butter, peppermints--all on repeat

feeling: a tad jealous of all the folks back East cozying up in the snow (I hope it stays charming and not scary, friends)--though let's be honest, we do have several feet of snow on the ground in places here, and drifts to my waist...I'm definitely feeling that, too

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