Friday, April 26, 2013

five-sense Friday

Recently, I've been...

seeing: dirt! under the snow! an amazing realization; spring clouds; the uncanny dancing of shadow-plants against the living room wall, reminders that the sun keeps setting later and later

feeling: wind against my ears; thirst; this tiny mystery pitching and rolling around inside my belly; the urge to stretch my muscles / self again

hearing: alternations of silence and jazz; the quiet of a college emptied of most of its people; birds

smelling: last night, a roasted chicken laced with garlic and rosemary from our windowsill pot; earlier yesterday, a saskatoon berry pie (my first!)

tasting: said chicken and pie and twice-baked potatoes; yeasty brown toast dripping butter and honey; two apples a day; spicy teas; decaf coffee (my taste for it has returned!); anticipation

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