Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"i believe" (write ALM)

(writing while she sleeps, to get my writer muscles back in shape)

I believe…

-- in chocolate

-- in praying and working for peace in my home, my neighbourhood, my world--and that reconciliation is often harder than violence

-- in the arc of redemption, in observing the ongoing tension between entropy and development with wide-eyed, utopian hope that beauty and goodness will win out in the end

-- in water process decaf filling my cup, and cold glasses of water, and milky red tea, as the antidote to doldrums and aches and most everything

-- in intergenerational friendships

-- in education, and the power of conversation and the printed word

-- that art is the answer to many problems, both private and public

-- that Jesus is the Way, Truth, and Life (a belief that comes to me not through logic or the rational mind but through a deep, abiding sense of things: I have been wooed by a Lover, soothed by a Comforter, challenged by a Holy Fire)

-- that Christians are often the reason folks (justifiably!) dislike Christianity

-- in the restorative power of cotton sheets

-- in reading as a spiritual exercise

-- in the restorative power of an old fashioned glazed donut (always nutmeggy cake; never those feathery yeasted puffs of air)

-- that Love is stronger than Death

(thanks to write ALM for the inspiration)

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  1. oh yes, so much of your list resonates! and intergenerational friendships are the best kind :)