Friday, February 21, 2014

five-sense Friday

tasting: the chocolates from a heart-shaped box left on the table by my sweetheart a week ago (see above for photographic evidence of my gift to him)--biting into one at a time to see what's inside, then going back to finish the ones I like best, because I am apparently twelve years old; rooibos chai; roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes with embarrassing quantities of ketchup

hearing: classical radio; laptop hum; baby sighing in her sleep; a work truck beeping as it backs up somewhere; relative quiet, as the children are on break from school and therefore not screaming and laughing on the toboggan hill across the street during recess

smelling: tea spices; fresh air from my new collection of houseplants

feeling: cold creeping up my arms; a sore back from bad posture while I feed the wee one; steam dampening my nose above the mug; excited for a weekend

seeing: bright afternoon light; daffodils grown too tall for their own good; surfaces in need of dusting; four partially eaten chocolates winking at me with a come-hither kind of a glow

1 comment:

  1. a pancake! on shrove tuesday! i love the heart shape of yours :)