Friday, March 28, 2014

five-sense Friday

hearing: traffic whirring by; upstairs neighbours talking (which surely means they hear baby's wake-ups in the night...poor neighbours!); slight hum of the computer, like a kitten in my lap only less wiggly

smelling: old snow, melt, mud; fresh bread cooling on the counter; cinnamony tea

tasting: said tea; extraordinarily garlicky hummus for lunch; almond muffins

feeling: almost uncomfortably warm in the car when the sun shines across my arm; the cool at the back of my neck when I put my hair up; the sandpaper of my knuckles

seeing: slanting slats of late afternoon light on the carpet; a twig-like tree out the window, just barely bending in the wind; the jade plant's very pleasant round bauble shapes, like a head of curly hair, framed just so by the window; baby toys scattered, now that said baby can take them with her while she rolls around

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