Wednesday, April 30, 2008

morning snippets

1) I woke up a bit ago from dreams of Edith Wharton (which makes sense) and Nintendo--only I was a character wandering around a video game, complete with funky but friendly huge pink monsters and screens that told me how many of them I had to find.

2) The apartment smells like burnt barbeque sauce because I will never learn not to marinate things in highly sugared marinades when I'm going to pan-broil them. Dinner last night was good, but you had to eat around the black crust...

3) I have one page left in the notebook I've been using. That is such a satisfying feeling.

4) I have 25 pages to write today and tomorrow. Better get to it.

5) Can't decide this morning between coffee and tea. It's probably going to be cof--er--we'll see.

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